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Award winning producer, songwriter & composer uses binaural beats

City Day ADHD Beta BoostEve Nelson is a dynamic and innovative Emmy award winning producer, songwriter and composer, currently living in LA, who both uses binaural beats, and has created binaural beats tracks in all three categories of sleep, relax and focus (including this months release, Warm Summer Night, A Feel Good Meditation in Alpha Theta). With a passion for blending sonic landscapes that push boundaries and challenge conventions, Eve has carved a distinct niche within the music industry.

A Berklee graduate, her journey began as a classically trained musician, nurturing a deep understanding of composition and arrangement. Drawing from a diverse range of influences spanning electronic, indie, and experimental genres, Eve's productions bear the mark of a true sonic explorer. Her work is characterized by intricate layers, emotive melodies, and a keen attention to detail that transforms each track into an immersive sonic journey. Through collaboration and total dedication, Eve Nelson continues to shape and redefine the musical landscape, earning her reputation as a forward-thinking writer, producer and composer who consistently delivers auditory experiences that captivate and inspire.

EK: Eve, what first drew you to binaural beats?
EN: I became very inspired by the possibilities with binaural beats after meeting Elizabeth Krasnoff. I found the whole concept absolutely fascinating and wanted to explore this incredible science and so the collaboration began.

EK: What is your favorite song to use and why?
EN: Being that i have had ADHD my entire life , I am very drawn to the focus songs. My favorite song to create with Elizabeth was City Day. Elizabeth had these brilliant ideas of bringing in sound effects …having them work with the music rhythmically, and I very much loved making that track, knowing that it would help so many people like me.

EK: How does you feel before and after using binaural beats?
EN: It’s actually magical. I am not a brainiac so i don’t understand the science behind it, but it’s truly amazing how i feel after a 10 to 20 minute session. I could be completely chaotic emersed in confusion with my ADHD and 20 minutes later, I’m a new person.

EK: Are there special moments you like to use binaural beats?
EN: I find they are most effective if i am feeling stressed about something , either physically or emotionally.

EK: How do you decide what types of beats to use and when?
EN: Well, if i wanna sleep i use the Delta beats, I made a piano track called Origins that was hard to stay awake for. If i want to focus i use the Beta beats. It is also very focusing for me to create some of the songs that are used in Elizabeth’s binaural catalog. very rewarding to be apart of creating different musical landscapes.