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Binaural Beats Track for Sleep

Origins in Delta ThetaOrigins in Delta Theta

As you drift off to sleep, listen to the soothing lullaby of spacious gentle piano melodies, supported by the echoes and depths of soft synths, night time bird song and resonant cello tones. Theta brain waves are present in the brain as we fall asleep, during sleep and during dreaming, and Delta frequencies have been shown to increase the quality and length of our deep sleep cycles.

beats of the month finalListen via Apple Podcasts on Sound Medicine's Beats of the Month.  Dr. Elizabeth releases a new binaural beats track every month. 

You'll find evidence based, original binaural beats songs composed by incredibly talented artists, produced with many levels of sound medicine in mind.

And don't forget to send me a video with a few lines of how you use your binaural beats track - or how it works for you - and I’ll share it in the next newsletter.

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