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"I love the binaural beats you did on focus. I feel like I was going in and out of focus but when I listened to the focus track I became clear. The repetitiveness of the drums and sounds drew me in and it was harder for my mind to wander because I kept going back to the repetition. I will use again tomorrow morning as I really enjoyed it and felt it did focus me. Meditation can be hard for me but this made it easier to go back to the focus. It was also very soothing as I didn’t have to think much —the track just holds me there and I keep going back to it."

~ Kara DioGuardi, American Singer songwriter and Music Publisher

"These tracks are perfect. I'd love to purchase all three. In particular, the "Waves for Creativity" brought tears to my eyes. I can't wait to share it with my clients as part of our spoken morning meditation."

      ~ Kristin Lemaster, Soulful Navigation

"The relax track really shut down my brain!"
      ~ Leslie C.

"Listening to your binaural beats track - Waves for Creativity - put me in such a state I was amazed and very pleased. It’s very wonderful."
      ~ Phebe P.

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For all Binaural Beats &
Sound Medicine linkage @ LinkTree

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