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Focusing With BB Improved My Test Timing and Scores

Exams, Sports Events, Speeches, etc.

Tests can be highly anxiety provoking for many, particularly those who find it challenging to focus, or for those who require extra time. Yet there remain moments when we have to show up for excuses allowed. This is a perfect time to incorporate binaural beats into the mix. Eli, a top-tier student who's on the runway to university, uses binaural beats to alter his stress brainwaves into those of focus and calm; greatly improving his performance in areas perceived to be challenging to him. He also uses them to relax his performance anxiety and relax his stress levels.

City Day ADHD Beta BosstOne of Eli's favorite tracksIn his own words:

"I had my ACT exam, one of the biggest exams of life, and I wasn't allowed the time-and-a-half that I required to finish the exam on time. Before the test, I was incredibly stressed out because I was worried I wouldn't be able to finish the exam. However, I listened to 15 minutes of binaural beats before the exam that calmed and focused my mind, allowing me to efficiently move through the test. I earned a perfect score on the exam, and I finished with time left over, whereas without binaural beats, I would be struggling to finish even with extra time.

"My favorite track to listen to is City Day. I feel energized and inspired while listening to it, while simultaneously feeling relaxed and a sense of reprieve from any anxiety. Before using binaural beats I generally feel stressed about something, and I'm definitely not relaxed. After using binaural beats I'm very focused and calm. I tend to use binaural beats before big events I'm anxious about such as sports games or exams. I also like to use them to help me relax and quiet my mind before going to sleep."

...And don't forget to send us a video with a few lines of how you use your binaural beats track - or how it works for you - and Elizabeth will share it in the next newsletter [with your permission of course;)]

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