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Binaural Beats Track for Focus

Studious Lo-Fi Beats: For Focus in Alpha BetaOrigins in Delta Theta

Studious is part of our series of ultimate lo-fi study tracks. These deeply groovy beats keep you company in chill time, while inaudible Alpha Beta brain waves support a gentle focus. Alpha brain waves keep you inwardly focused and awake, while beta brain waves sharpen concentration, focus and memory on the task at hand.

beats of the month finalIf you like to hear your beats via a Podcast, listen via Apple Podcasts on Sound Medicine's Beats of the Month.  Dr. Elizabeth releases a new binaural beats track every month. 

You'll find evidence based, original binaural beats songs composed by incredibly talented artists, produced with many levels of sound medicine in mind.

And don't forget to send us a video with a few lines of how you use your binaural beats track - or how it works for you - and Elizabeth will share it in the next newsletter [with your permission of course;)]

Listen to this track or any of our other Binaural Beats Music on your preferred streaming platform by visiting the 'Tracks' page.