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Sound of November New Moon

The monthly forecast for November is.... Pressure!

The New Moon sound medicine meditation that came to me is about staying home, or staying in your body even when you feel under pressure.

We need to be present and aware in order to be there for ourselves through the good and the bad.

Listen to our meditiation here.

This is the special sound medicine we added this month.

Elizabeth Krasnoff- vocals, tinkshas and tuning forks
Jeff Mogalian – bass
Kim Murphy- crystal bowls and kalimba

Elizabeth used the Solfeggio Frequency 528 hz for the heart.

Kim played the following bowls:

  • E bowl infused with diamond for divine magnificence
  • G# bowl infused with moldavite for your zeal point which activates and connects the throat and third eye. Throat for communication and third eye for creativity.
  • B bowl of lepidorite for emotional balance and the crown.
  • F# of kyanite which works with high heart and throat and clears out negativity from all chakras.
  • C# made of quartz crystal and iron called the laughing Buddha bowl for joy and laughter. For base and sacral chakra.

The monthly theme is created by and used with the permission of Lena Stevens at The Power Path.