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Trying Out New Tinnitus Treatment

As many of my blog readers know, I suffer from tinnitus.

Persons with tinnitus are troubled by ringing or hissing in one or both ears that lasts for more than five minutes at a time, and for which no cause can be found. I even wrote an article about it: Drug-free Treatments for Phantom Noise of Tinnitus

I am trying out a new non-invasive treatment for tinnitus from Neurosensory.

The technology, based on neuroscience, works by sensory substitution. It comes in the form of a wristband that contains vibratory motors and a microphone, with a high computational capacity that operate via cutting-edge algorithms. How does it work? According to Neurosensory, the user downloads the free app, put on the wristband, and spends 15 minutes a day listening to a synchronized series of sounds and vibrations, which tell the brain which sounds are coming from outside and which are coming from inside. Over the course of weeks, the brain begins to learn to ignore the noise coming from inside. For many users, tinnitus becomes less challenging to deal with on a daily basis.

I have ordered the Duo device from Neurosensory. The company allows users to try the wristband technology for 2 weeks, with the expectation that it will help the brain block out tinnitus noise.  Will let you know what I find!