Tucson Friends

The entire 2022 Science of Consciousness conference was a synergy of concepts, resources, personalities and goals.  We welcomed the opportunities to connect outside formal settings to explore new horizons and nurture our post-pandemic re-entry to the world.  I'm grateful to have shared this time with the people below and look forward to more connection in the future.

tucson 1Hike ambush w Sascha Seifert


tucson 1With dear friend Jenny Simon


tucson 1Interview with Nick Day


tucson 1On the set of Consciousness Central with Nick Day, Sascha Seifert, and Nick the sound guy!


tucson 1On hike with Vlada Shostakovich


tucson 1U Michigan researchers


tucson 1With Stuart Hameroff, Creator of Conference


tucson 1With Emma Huels, U Michigan Shamanic rhythms researcher


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