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The New Sound Medicine App
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Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats

Sound Medicine's New App

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New Sound Medicine App

What is it?

Sound Medicine has excitedly been in deep development on a new App, available on Apple's App Store. Elizabeth Krasnoff, Ph.D. specializes in both the research and creation of customized binaural beats. These tracks are conveniently offered to you for a low monthly fee. New tracks are released every month. Full access to the existing catalogue is a given. These tracks are far from the widely available, homogenized binaural beats. Sound Medicine's tracks are created from the hands of talented producers and musicians. The embedded binaural beats are then scientifically determined and infused inaudibly into the track.

The Beauty of Binaural Beats

What are Binaural Beats?

An emerging form of sound wave technology

Binaural means “both ears,” and binaural beats are created by presenting slightly different frequencies to each ear. What results is a pulse in the brain that is the difference between the two frequencies... the perception of a third tone. This third tone is called a binaural beat. These beats are received in the binaural auditory pathway in your hearing brain. They correspond to states of consciousness, such as sleep, relax and focus.

Real. World. Results.
Sound Medicine® App's Binaural Beats

How Can This Benefit Me?

Well, the category titles say it all...Relax, Sleep, Meditation, Focus, Creativity, etc. The effects can last well beyond the 10-20 minutes spent under headphones. Rhythmic brain entrainment, brain hemispheric synchronization, your sleep, relaxation and focus processes resonated and enhanced, integration, renewal and mental clarity are just a few behind-the-scene workings and benefits you can have with 10-minutes of 'YOU' time.

The Sound Medicine® App is portable, updated often, of high quality and easy to use.

Shift yourself into your optimum self. Under a tree in the park, on the couch at home, filling time gaps while waiting for that delayed appointment, taking your daily walk, or at your desk before prepping for an exam or pulling that next musical composition out of the ether.

Please be advised that binaural beats music is solely intended as a self-help tool for stress management and overall health and well-being and is not a substitute for licensed health care services. In the unlikely event that you experience any physical and/or mental discomfort while listening to binaural beats music provided by Sound Medicine, LLC, immediately discontinue use. Further, if you have a seizure disorder or heart condition, always check with your doctor before using any binaural beats music provided by Sound Medicine, LLC. Lastly, do not drive with your headphones and binaural beats music playing! Please refer to the Disclaimer for further information.
While Sound Medicine, LLC cannot guarantee any specific results and the following client’s feedback does not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome an individual may experience using Sound Medicine for any particular issue, this client reports having a positive experience.

Sound Medicine®... very informative and I feel the impact especially in my actions, much better choices, and perception of everything around me … weirdly far less anxiety than normal too today when traveling...

Laboratory Formulated Tracks

Original, Customized 10+ minute music tracks infused with Binaural Beats.  New release every month.

Full catalog available exclusively on the app.

Science Matters

Research Behind the App

Clinical Studies support the use of Binaural Beats to enhance our daily lives. Dr. Elizabeth spent uncounted hours pouring over research that other empassioned scientists and practitioners painstakingly compiled.  Her doctorate in Transformative Studies [with a focus in Consciousness Studies] resulted in her dissertation that reviews the transformative effects of sound, specifically "The Effects of Auditory Binaural Beats on Consciousness and the Human Nervous System." The peer-reviewed science supports the continued and expanding use of binaural beats. 

Real Music.
Real Science.
Real Binaural Beats.
The Artist Behind the Science & Scientist Behind the Art

Who is Elizabeth Krasnoff, PhD?

Composer, Producer, Researcher, Curator, Transformational Speaker & Artist

Due to Dr. Elizabeth's numerous multifaceted undertakings, it becomes challenging to isolate her most outstanding traits in order to create clear definitions.

One character quality that runs consistently through all missions is that she is extremely passionate about all she chooses to do: Sound, Energy Healing Practitioner, Helping Humanity, Creating Music, etc. With that in mind, Elizabeth took the road less travelled and studied for years to become a proficient energy healing practitioner and academic forerunner. She continued to create, record and release numerous original, musical works. The winding path of self discovery landed her on the doorstep of Binaural Beats.  The rest is history.

Watch Elizabeth's  Sound Medicine Story

Lab Formulated Tracks

More Science Matters

Elizabeth finished her five-year research and dissertation process on binaural beats and spent the next three years formulating her own binaural beats tracks. She designed a double blind, controlled study and tested her binaural beats formula in Psytek Labs on the campus of the California Institute for Human Science. Her positive test results, published in the peer-reviewed journal “Frontiers in Human Neuroscience,” allow her formulas to be considered qualified as evidence-based formulas.