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Society for Consciousness Studies Conference

scsc_posterJune 1-3, 2018

Link to Conference Information

I will be giving a paper June 2, 3:30-4:15pm

Sound, Consciousness and Healing: The Science of Vibration

With a background in Jungian psychology and music, and as a certified sound practitioner and energy healer, I started a sound healing practice called Sound Medicine.

Working with sound raised many questions...

How are sound and consciousness related? How do we heal with sound? Can sound entrain our brains to advanced levels of consciousness? Here is a broad transdisciplinary sweep of what neuroscience (Oliver Sacks and Daniel Levitin), quantum physics (Ervin Laszlo), mystics (Rudolph Steiner), sound healers and musicians have to say. I will show that vibration has journeyed from spirituality to science. I will also show that sound and consciousness converge at the level of vibration. And lastly I will explain and demonstrate how sound affects our well being and consciousness through vibration.