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Sound Medicine ® Binaural Beats Alpha Theta Silent Disco Experiential

By Elizabeth W. Krasnoff, PhD

Come be a part of the first Binaural Beats Silent Disco experiencers in the world, with Sound Medicine ® and Dr. Elizabeth W. Krasnoff— first to receive a PhD in the effects of binaural beats on consciousness and the human nervous system.

Silent?  Disco?

While seemingly a contradiction in terms, Silent Discos or Silent Raves are a real thing.  It's an event where people dance or listen to music on wireless headphones rather than listening through loudspeakers. Since headphones are a centerpiece of the event, this makes silent discos an ideal medium for binaural beats since headphones must be worn to receive the effects of binaural beats.

Why would we have a Binaural Beats Silent Disco? 

So that we can listen to this music TOGETHER.  Group intention amplifies personal intention. We have all experienced that being in community feels supportive and relieves our stress. In this blend of our personal and group healing space, we'll hear some of the original lab tested Sound Medicine ® Alpha Theta binaural beats music tracks created for you, that are offered for streaming on Spotify, or the full catalog is available exclusively on the Sound Medicine ® Binaural Beats App.

What to bring?

Your current practice of silent meditation in stillness, or yoga and movement, or breathing—and anything you need to deeply rest. In this experience you will pair your practice synergistically with relaxing alpha theta frequencies, falling deeper into states of meditation, relaxation and renewal. You may bring your own yoga mat, eye covering, favorite meditation set up, etc. 

What are the benefits? 

Alpha theta brain frequencies are correlated to states of deep relaxation and inward focus. Studies show that binaural beats synergistically support other meditation practices. Conference attendees report that binaural beats alpha theta frequencies support integration of the conference material, leaving them able to empty their minds and receive new information. They report feeling rejuvenated and rested. 

How long should I listen? 

You may stay the whole hour. I will begin each hour with a guided meditation. Participants may enter or leave at any time during this hour. Research shows that a minimum of 10 minutes is necessary for the beats to work. 

Are there any known side effects? 

There are no known side-effects of binaural beats. Do not listen to binaural beats while driving a car or operating heavy machinery. Do not listen to binaural beats at a high decibel level that could harm your hearing. And if you have rhythm issues such as epilepsy or wear a pace maker, check with your doctor before trying any new sound or rhythm therapy.

People have been so grateful:

“Thank you for the Silent Disco. I was feeling a bit frayed by all of the talks.
Your sound session has started knitting me back together”.
~ Dave R.

To learn more about Sound Medicine and binaural beats visit us at