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Visual Meets Sonic: A Photographer's Encounter with Binaural Beats

Rachel Handlin is a talented fine art photographer in her second year at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. She is on a remarkable journey to earn her MFA degree in Photography. Her life is a whirlwind of creativity, from long hours in the darkroom crafting and developing her photos, to the rhythmic hum of welding metal into intriguing sculptures in the Wood Shop. Her daily routine reflects the relentless passion and dedication she pours into her art. Amidst her artistic pursuits, Rachel faced a personal challenge when she was diagnosed with anxiety. The weight of her academic commitments and her demanding craft left her seeking relief. Rachel's curiosity was piqued by Binaural Beats. She decided to try our sleep frequencies to see if they could help her relax and unwind, particularly before sleep. Rachel received an exclusive experience with the new Sound Medicine app listening to our track ‘Origins in Delta Theta.’ Watch and you will visually see the track bringing her to a place of warmth, comfort, and total relaxation. Disclaimer: please note that results vary by individual.