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Binaural Beats and Virtual Reality: A Perfect Synergy

Elizabeth presenting March 31, 2023; 3:30 - 6:30 pm ET

BU Arts Fest, Bishops University, Quebec, Canada

"Transcending the Self and Transforming Consciousness: A Workshop on Art, Nature, Technology and Spirituality”

This event will include a series of interactive workshops on music, meditation, dance, dreaming, poetry, comedy, psychedelics, art, nature, and AR and VR. Elizabeth will present on “Binaural Beats and Virtual Reality: A Perfect Synergy

Dr. Krasnoff's Abstract

Altered States of Consciousness and Sound: Binaural Beats and Virtual Reality

Elizabeth W. Krasnoff, PhD

Ultimately, to study hearing or any of our senses, is to study the human nervous system and its magical complexity. The nervous system is our interface with the sea of vibrations that both surround us and emanate from within us. It interprets this data for our survival and meaning, through a process we can call becoming conscious through arousal and awareness of the world around us and within us.

In a time when the pursuit of altered states of consciousness is both leading edge science and a mainstream pursuit, the spotlight is on all available methods of consciousness alteration. Elizabeth investigates the power of sound to transform our states of consciousness, specifically the auditory pathways of binaural beats. Binaural beats are a difference tone created by two slightly different pitches. Electrical brain wave patterns respond to these precise frequencies and appear to impact correlative states of consciousness. Clinical studies continue to show positive outcomes in the leading edge field of binaural beats research, and the evidence is mounting for a powerful musical healing technology—music embedded with binaural beats. Elizabeth will present data from her recent pilot study and several examples of the therapeutic use of binaural beats music. Binaural Beats are a synergistic technology, working quite well with other consciousness altering technologies. Clinical evidence is mounting to support the pairing of virtual reality experiences with binaural beats.