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The HeartMath® program uses Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measurement, or biofeedback, to measure the performance of your nervous system and cardiovascular system, and the level of functionality of their communication. If these systems are in an efficient state, or an optimal state, you will achieve coherence.

There are 400+ independent peer-reviewed research papers on this technology.

Elizabeth uses HeartMath® to show you what a calm and coherent place looks like in your nervous system, and pairs that with what it feels like to you in a present moment of coherence. You will practice tools to recapture that throughout the day. You will learn that true coherence transcends many different emotions. It is a place of authenticity in your heart. And from that place of coherence, the solutions to your problems become clear.

This set of practical tools will help you navigate through unpredictable and challenging days with more ease and clarity.

Elizabeth is listed on the HeartMath® practitioner list on their website.

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