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Just as we all are blessed with multi-faceted personalities - and explore those facets through our lifetime - Elizabeth travels deep into the musical world; spending countless hours in-studio, creating videos, giving live performances and collaborating with other artists. Some of these adventures are done under the alias, Esza Kaye.

Separate from the Esza Kaye releases, Elizabeth creates electronic 'music that heals' as artist, Elizabeth Krasnoff.  Collaborating with long-time friend, producer, and keyboard player, Randy Emata, the first two CDs, Desert Journey and Desert Journey II were born.  They represent Elizabeth's personal healing journey; one in which she applies the integrated experience of her sound medicine PhD and her shamanic practitioner training.  Her seventh studio release, Return To Me is following shortly in their footsteps.

While developing her knowledge and experience with sound medicine studies, Elizabeth resonated strongly with the cutting edge technology of binaural beats. Combining her unique musical expression with the newly discovered binaural beats, she is building a catalogue of 10-minutes (or longer) binaural beats mixes, some created from her own artist collection. This healing catalog will assist listeners seeking tools for relaxation, creativity,  walking meditations and other categories.  New releases will be announced and made available via Binaural Beats Music.  

Elizabeth's recent album release, Return To Me is available of Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and many other digital retailers and streaming services.  She continues to create new tracks and is extremely excited to be back in the studio.  Please sign-up for her Newsletter below to stay updated on the release of the new musical tracks.


Use QRcode above to access a multitude of Elizabeth Krasnoff links.

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