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testimonialsPositive Results from Happy Clients

While Elizabeth can't guarantee any specific results and the following testimonials do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using her services for any particular issue, her clients report having positive experiences.

Here is what some individuals have to say:

The session yesterday was very informative and I feel the impact especially in my actions, much better choices, and perception of everything around me … weirdly far less anxiety than normal too today when traveling — will keep you updated on my other new connections!

~ Becky Baeling Lythgoe - Producer, TV host, Universal Records recording artist

Working with Elizabeth is a total game changer.  If you want to give yourself the most self loving gift, go see her.  In only a few sessions, and in using her techniques with sound medicine, my anxiety and exhaustion have literally been cut in half.  Don't walk people...Run and go experience a truly gifted healer and soul.

~ @theorangecouchsessions (IG)

Thank you for an incredible session. I feel lighter today. I cleared cords with my ex husband last night that I know were finally able to clear from the work you did in our session. Thank you so much. ❤️🙏❤️

~ Susan D.

Thank you so much for yesterday’s session. I was in such a great space afterwards. Could literally feel myself vibrating at a different level.

~ Annabelle F.

I had my first sound healing session with Dr. Elizabeth Krasnoff recently and I left feeling calm and balanced. I can’t thank her enough for such a life changing session. As soon as I visited her studio I felt very welcome and she talked me through what to expect in our session. Throughout the treatment she was calm, warm and professional. Elizabeth gave me the tools to tackle anxiety I recently developed this year by working on different techniques. I can’t wait to book my next session and excited about the work I can do at home to improve my life. I can’t recommend sound healing therapy enough and highly recommend it if you’re open to a different way to tackle anxiety and stress.

~ Caroline L.

Thank you Elizabeth for a very lovely session today. It feels good to be met by an equal who understands. I totally Feel you :) Everything you said resonated deeply with me. I'm going to use the mantras and help them break up the energy in my body that is not aligned with that yet.
The song at the end took me to a Sense of past life where everything was One and where I as an infant was just Loved and celebrated for who I am. Natural and the way it's supposed to be. Thank you! 

~ PL

Thank you so much for the gift of your session! It helped me release a little anxiety and brought in more love!

~ C. Gurnee

Elizabeth is more than a singer and sound healer, she holds sacred space and is a gentle, kind catalyst so that each person can continue their inward journey with ease, grace and beauty.

I can’t speak highly enough about Elizabeth’s peaceful and loving spirit. She makes it very easy to follow along; the result is transformation!

~ S. Naba

In this class and sacred space I found Intention Dimension to be like a wonderful envelopment of light, warmth and wakeful energy that Elizabeth helped stimulate. I felt so full and clear for the rest of the day, and was even able to get a big creative project moving. Thank you!

~ Gabriela Hnizdo

After I experienced a sudden loss in my family, I worked with Dr. Elizabeth Krasnoff to calm my nervous system, which has been on high alert. Grief is a slipper emotion. I was new to sound medicine and I was surprised at the immediate results in experienced in one session! Her clinic is equipped with state of the art equipment, while maintaining a cozy warm environment- a perfect blend sound medicine and science. After a delightful immersive experience, she he assessed my needs, monitored my nervous and I had my first 'sound bath' - a combination of total body vibration, binaural beats and music. Dr. Krasnoff quickly diagnosed my optimal state. More importantly, she showed me how to regulate my nervous system beyond the session.

I highly recommend this work to anyone who is in need of regulating an overwhelmed nervous system, body and mind!

~ D. Blondo

I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful experience at your workshop today. I was amazed that I could transport to other places through hearing the crystal bowls and how it made my body feel. Your voice is amazing!! Thank you for bringing in vocals into the sound healing experience!

        ~ C. Briones

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and experience with us this past Saturday.

I am truly inspired by your experiences, especially with your hearing loss. You blew me out of the water and touched me deeply with what you have said.  It started making me feel more aware and sure about my own path with my loss of hearing and going through trauma and frustration.

        ~ M. Howes

What a powerful, relaxing, expansive Experience! THANK YOU Elizabeth! I’ve already told about seven people they should come visit you for a vibrational workout. Marching into April with clear, conscious, warm feelings.
Looking forward to seeing you again soon,

~ Jacquelyn Krieger - Author of Chakwave

A dear friend of mine suggested that I had a session with Elizabeth and experienced the biohealing lounge. I was getting through a hard time and feeling very vulnerable. I had no idea what to expect. What a nice surprise: the healing started just by being in Elizabeth’s presence! She has this very calming and powerful presence, making you feel comfortable and safe. She explained what was going to happen, was very patient adjusting the lounge, volume, etc. It was 20 minutes in heaven! I felt like I was encapsulated in a very cozy cocoon, and I walked away feeling like I was floating in clouds – extremely relaxed, grounded and present. I can’t wait to do it again!

~ Simone Writer - Transformational Coach and Writer at

Thank you so much for treating me to the amazing sound experience. I slept so soundly – better than I have in a long time!

~ Rebecca Lien

Something definitely cleared! I spent the next two days crying and feeling out of my mind. The energy felt very scorpionic. Extremely intense, if slightly irrational! I felt hopeless and like I was moving backwards. But then the storm just dissipated and I felt brand new! The texture of my skin even changed. I want to do it again soon. Thank you for holding space for me to clear, release and reset.

~ Sandra Sears

Thanks again for the wonderful sound bed experience! I was floating on a cloud the rest of the day (and even into the next day)! It was truly as relaxing as a full body massage. I will have to become one of your regulars.

~ Carrie Mainelli

Thank you for the sound healing! That blew my mind, body and spirit! I slept well for the first time in weeks. I feel like a sane person today. I am back to myself and it feels great.

~ Rebecca High

I absolutely loved the sound bed! I felt so relaxed and ready to start the rest of my day. I felt like I had a full night of sleep in just a few minutes. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to try it out. I am definitely referring people I know to try it.

~ Leah Delajoux

I started seeing flashes of images: I suffer from deep amnesia. I cannot recall events or details about my life in Italy and even in the US. During the sound therapy I started seeing images of myself at the age of two, I started remembering outifts I was wearing, I saw objects. This is very unusual for me. I also saw a lot of images about what’s inside my head. I felt as if something was being repaired. I felt a lot of energy moving inside my head, as if a computer system was being rewired. I saw vastity: this image is quite hard to explain. It is like the spatial understanding of reality changed and became infinite. It felt good, my body reacted as if the sound was tapping into the right buttons.

~ F.A., Transformational Coach